We have made a JSON webservice API. The API have a set of auxilery endpoints for getting entities from our system. Typically these auxilery endpoints is used to populate a UI for the user to filter out a set of papers. Beside the auxilery endpoints we have two endpoints for querying the PaperDB. One for getting a list of papers and one for getting a detailed description of a paper entity.

All methods accepts a UserId token for authorization purpose.

Authentication endponts:

  • /user/authenticate:Authenticate user against DB and returns a JWT

Auxilery endpoints:

  • /GetArchtype:Gets all archtypes sorted by archtype name.
  • /GetSuppliers:Gets all suppliers sorted by supplier name.

Paper endpoints:

  • /listPapersByQuery:Gets a list of papers based on query object. Returns ”paper name + weight” and an ID.
  • /GetPaperById:Returns a paper object with specified ID. .

Endpoint /user/authenticate Method Post
Description Returns a JWT with information about the logged in user


Username String Mandatory
Password String Mandatory



EndPoint Get Archtypes Method Get
Description Returns a list of archtypes names and ids


Token JWT Mandatory


Archtypes [archtype:id, Name]

Endpoint GetSuppliers Method Get
Description Returns a list of supplier name and ids


Token JWT Mandatory


Suppliers [Supplier: Id, Name]

Endpoint ListPapersByQuery Method Post
Description Returns a list of Papers Based on a query


Token JWT Mandatory
OrderBy [string] Optional
Page Int Optional
PageSize Int Optiona,(Max:100)
Query [Object(JSON)] Optional


Papers [paper: Id,Name]  
CurrentPage Int  
PageSize Int  
TotalPages Int  
TotalCnt Int  


The query Object is an array of json object. The json object contains a fieldname, an Operator and a value.

  • Fields are:
  • Archtype,
  • Supplier,
  • Brand,
  • Grammage,
  • Whiteness,
  • Opacity,
  • Thickness,
  • Bulk,
  • Whiteness,
  • Brightness,
Operators are:
  • eq:Equal
  • ne:Not Equal
  • gt:Greater than
  • gte: greater than or equal to
  • lt:Less than
  • lte:Less than or equal to
  • lk:Like-like(value%)
  • lkg:Like greedy-like(%value%)

Endpoint GetPaperById Method Post
Description Returns a paper Object with all fields


Token JWT Mandatory
Id Int Mandatory


Paper JSON Object